Brand Overview

Iconic Inventive American

American Optimism is our attitude. Casual style is our aesthetic. Clean and confident, comfortable and accessible, classic and modern. It’s the quintessential expression of Gap brought to life through iconic clothing. Our collections are a modern interpretation of our denim roots and signature pieces that are a staple for every wardrobe. Gap embraces a youthful, infectious spirit and the freedom to express individual style. 

Founded: 1969 

Project Overview

Design a collection for Fall 2018, from inspiration and mood to full collection presentation. Complete the project and submit, along with your portfolio and resume, to your university advisor/counselor/instructor by January 31, 2018. Selected students will then have an in-person or video interview with a member of our Global Talent Acquisition team

Project Specs

Design a Fall 2018 collection for one of the following categories:

  • Gap Women’s 
  • Gap Men’s 
  • GapBody/GapFit 
  • GapKids/babyGap 


  • Design three full looks 
  • Include key items/key drivers: Iconic pieces that the Gap customer can’t live without –  Please build around them, and be able to speak to why they are essential for the group
  • Tie into a full a collection, illustrating head to toe outfitting

Keep in mind who the Gap customer is and what they come to us to for. We are optimistic, accessible, classic and modern. We bring people together by inspiring a freedom to be ourselves. Research is a vital piece of the internship project – it is important to show an understanding of our brand aesthetic and values, the marketplace, and the relevant translation from inspiration to the product we present to our customer.  Please draw inspiration from whatever sources you see fit (runway, street, magazines, architecture, etc.), and be prepared to elaborate upon your inspiration when presenting. Be prepared to show and share your inspiration in the way of tears, sketchbooks, graphics, clothing, magazines, books, etc.  Include inspiration/mood images, color, and fabric/trims.

As part of your research, highlight key areas of interest in color, silhouette, materials and details for the season, and integrate these elements into the collection’s direction.


  • Research and identify your category, and then begin designing a collection for Gap Fall 2016. 
  • Extensive concept research, fabric story development, and developed design ideas (i.e. sketches, 3D drapes, etc.) for your category/project. Sketches should be fully colored/rendered. 
  • Acute design response to primary research and brand analysis, as evidenced by design outcomes which convey innovative ideas within the market/customer/brand identity of Gap. 
  • Idea building and concept generation, including (but not limited to): thoughts toward material and construction that are innovative within the context of the Gap price-point, sensibility, and customer lifestyle. 

Each project should include the following:

  • A seasonal concept page (articulating inspiration/visual reference/mood)
  • A page with fabric choices for each look
  • A color palette page
  • Around 2 - 3 process pages (including images of 3D work if relevant) 
  • 3 figures in color, with detail shots where necessary 
  • Development of one of each the following (including samples where possible): 
  1. Textiles (print/embroidery/beading/graphics, branding, etc.) 
  2. Trim and hardware suggestions 
  3. 3 technical flats for each look, including detail callouts

Submitting the project

Physical submissions should be no larger than 14” x 18.” Submit all projects in digital format as well (PDF screen resolution). 

**Every submission MUST be accompanied by a resume that includes the student’s name, address, home and/or cell phone numbers, email address and current/previous work and/or internship experience. 

Submit your full, completed project along with portfolios and resumes no later than January 31, 2018 to your university counselor/advisor/instructor.


  • January 31, 2018:  Students submit projects and resumes to university counselors **Projects and resumes should be submitted in physical AND digital formats no later than this date!
  • February 6, 2018:  Counselors submit projects to Gap
  • Mid February, 2018:  Gap notifies semi-finalists on selection for interview round
  • Late February, 2018:  Intern interviews
  • March 20, 2018:  Students are notified of status and offers are made!

All students must begin their full-time, eight-week, paid internship in mid June 2018 and be available for the entire program.

Thank you!

Have fun! We look forward to seeing your projects.

-The Gap Global Talent Acquisition Team

Contact: (international students) or (US students)